4th Dec 2017
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Professor Al Aynsley-Green
Former President of the British Medial Association and England’s first Children’s Commissioner

Sir Al Aynsley-Green served as first children's commissioner for England from 2005 to 2010. He is founder and director of Aynsley-Green consulting, professor emeritus of child health at University College London and honorary fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. He is an internationally recognised authority on children's services, child health and childhood. Caring passionately about improving the lives of young people, Sir Al is motivated by 'personal background, social justice and anger about the social inequalities in our society, and what we in privileged bubbles should be doing for those who can't speak for themselves'.

The Medical Overview - Professor Al Aynsley-Green

Where education meets medicine - what educators should know.
Increasingly schools are realising that you can' t separate health and well being f rom academic success and achievement. With examples f rom his professional t ravels around the world, Sir Al will describe the benefits of working in the overlap between the worlds of education and health.

Founder of Independent Thinking and Co-author of the Little Book of Bereavement for Schools

Ian is an award-winning author and innovator described by the IB as one of its ‘leading visionaries’. Since founding Independent Thinking over 20 years ago, he has lived and worked on several continents, giving him a unique insight into the effects of educational achievement on health and well being.

Bereavement in Schools: The Inside View - Ian and Phoebe Gilbert

When the inevitable happens - how schools can better deal with bereavement and I ts consequences.
Statistically speaking, one child in every class will lose a parent in the UK. And statistically speaking, that child will go on to to suffer a range of related issues that can have an impact on subsequent school achievement. But, as caring schools prove, i t doesn' t have to be this way.

Independent Thinking Associate, international speaker on emotional health and well-being in schools and author Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons

Nina is an experienced teacher and speaker who is increasingly in demand worldwide for her work in the area of emotional health and well-being in schools. She speaks with honesty and frankness about difficult issues in a way that empowers others to do the same with astonishing results.

It's About The Control - Self Harm: The Inside View - Nina Jackson

Three common mental health issues and what schools can do - the view from the inside: It's about the control - understanding self harm and what schools can do.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, the UK has the highest rates of self- harm in Europe with estimates of at least 1 in 250 people self- harming, the majority, aged between 11 and 25 . What is it, why does it happen, what are the signs and what can schools do?

Independent Thinking Associate, headteacher from TV's Educating Essex, founding Headteachers' Roundtable member and author of The Best Job in the World

Vic came to public attention in TV's Educating Essex and remains a much-loved and highly sought-after headteacher. He is still a regular on TV for his contributions to the debate at what schools and governments should - and should not do - to bring the best out of all children in their care.

The School Overview - Vic Goddard

The challenge of mental health when the system is sick.

The push for standards takes a heavy toll, not only on some of our most vulnerable young people but also on their teachers. With insights f rom his experience as a headteacher, teacher and MAT principal, Vic will explore how to make the most of a system that seems to conspire against the well- being of so many people.

Independent Thinking Associate, international leadership consultant, author of Brave Heads and co- author of Leadership Dialogues

Dave is former headteacher who now spend his time working with schools and school systems in many parts of the world. At the heart of his work is the need for schools to be humane organisations - both for staff as well as for young people - where high expectations are matched with care and compassion.

Anorexia: The Inside View - Dave and Beth Harris

The A- grade illness - spotting the signs of anorexia and what to do when to help prevent it.

Anorexia is the third most common chronic disease in young people after asthma and diabetes, affecting females and males f rom all backgrounds. What are the warning signs, what can be done by all those concerned and what is l i fe l ike battling it on a daily basis? The more school know, the more they can help.

Independent Thinking Associate, primary school headteacher and author of The Little Book of Values

Julie is the headteacher of a large rural primary school with all the challenges such a role in such a place brings. Her powerful approach to transforming the educational achievement of her children and the well-being of the entire community has values education at its heart.

Building a Values-Based School - Julie Rees

The well community - building emotional well- being through Values Education.

With schools increasingly being pushed to focus on data, targets and results, i t can be all too easy to lose sight of the humans and the humanity at the heart of the education system. Values- based education is a proven approach to restoring a healthy balance with benefits that go well beyond simply academic achievement.




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