8th Oct 2020 London
8th Oct 2020 LIVE & ONLINE


An unmissable post-Covid ‘bounce-back’ course with researched, evidenced and proven techniques to turbo-charge Maths teaching.

Over half of pupils eligible for Free School Meals may not achieve the expected level in Maths by age 16 in 2021. Give your pupils the tools, confidence and knowledge to confound the predictions, regardless of any disadvantage, low attainment history or insecurities surrounding Maths learning.

The Best in Effective Assessment

  • Embed oral and written assessment on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Learn how outstanding assessment informs planning and addresses catch-up fast.
  • Improve marking to improve pupil progress and reduce teacher workload.

Ready-To-Go Outstanding Maths Ideas

  • Build your base of relevant manipulatives, representations, stories, and scaffolds.
  • Pick up great problem-solving techniques to improve logical thinking in challenging times.
  • Learn proven examples of low threshold, high ceiling tasks.

Instantly Improve Pupil Independence

  • Model a positive/growth mindset to banish any fear of Maths.
  • Learn best practice pupil metacognition.
  • Understand common difficulties with the tools to avoid common misconceptions.

Maximise Pupils’ Mathematical Knowledge

  • How to teach pupils to understand procedures quickly and spot connections.
  • Discover the crucial number facts learners need to know.
  • Amplify mathematical language in every lesson by learning how to embrace discussion and dialogue during lessons.

Early Interventions For Early Success

  • Explore best practice quick-fire interventions for ease and effectiveness and maximise results with minimal disruption for pupils and staff.
  • Integrate interventions and lesson time seamlessly.
  • How to sell it! Seeing interventions as a benefit not a punishment.

Master Primary To Secondary Transitions

  • Develop a shared understanding of curriculum, teaching, and learning.
  • Discover essential preparations for Year 6 and how to quickly grasp pupil’s strengths and weaknesses in Year 7.

Who should attend

For all KS2 & 3 Maths teachers and Maths coordinators and senior leadership teams who want to slam shut the maths gap


  • 1 delegate place £289 + Vat
  • 2 delegate places £489* + Vat (Save £89)
  • 1 Live & Online place £195 + Vat


If you are not able to join one of our in-peron masterclasses then join Ian virtually. We will be bringing together our physical and virtual delegates into one live collaborative experience. Teachology Education has teamed up with award-winning technology and software provider Glisser to combine live video and interactive slide sharing so you can fully engage in the virtual masterclass and receive the same content and training live from Manchester / London

Please note the timings for this course are 9.30am - 3.20pm (same as physical course)

The price is £195 + VAT per person but should you wish to book a larger group please call Chris 07917116288



Live & Online



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