23rd September 2019, Glasgow
25th September 2019, London
27th September 2019, Manchester


What to teach and how to teach it

  • Integrate SPaG workshops into everyday practice
  • Dispel SPaG myths and instil fundamental rules upon the use of the passive voice, perfect and imperfect tenses, fronted adverbials, relative clauses, positioning prepositions, split infinitives, contractions...

The SPaG Grab Bag

Useful spelling strategies and rules:

  • Spelling error analysis
  • Distinguish between connectives and conjunctions
  • Recognise the range of fronted adverbials
  • Commas without clauses
  • Skilled semi colon usage
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions
  • Conjunctive adverbs and the “two comma trick”
  • Plus receive an additional 2 hours on-demand video tutorials and 40 downloadable resources (Post workshop)

Become an advanced teacher of literacy

  • Why is spelling important? Assessing types of spelling errors and specific interventions
  • Teaching exercises to underpin the most complex sentence structures in a creative and rhythmic manner through outstanding punctuation
  • Using punctuation to manipulate a reader’s response
  • Unpick the useful from the merely prescriptive in terms of grammar
  • Use grammar as a driver of improvements in children’s writing

Your accountability to SPaG in 2019

  • Address Ofsted’s latest literacy initiatives
  • Review new responsibilities under the national SPaG test at Key Stage 2
  • Assess SPaG criteria and weighting for GCSE and A Level marking

Who should attend

  • Key Stage 2-4 teachers
  • Literacy Co-ordinators
  • NQTs
  • Senior Leaders

Inset Days:

Did you know we can arrange tailored inset days?
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