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The Why, What, and How of Metacognition in Your School

  • High impact, low-cost method.
  • Stop automatic thinking, automated responses and bad habits.
  • How to infuse metacognition in your teaching immediately.

How To Teach Metacognition

  • How metacognitive strategies separate into goals and actions (conscious and unconscious).
  • How to activate conscious metacognitive goals and actions in students.
  • Meta-memory, the distinction between recall and recognition and why your ‘feeling of knowing’ is quite accurate.
  • Different forms of retrieval: retrieval from long-term memory, giving up, visualising,retrieval from working memory.
  • Why retrieval strategies are a false grail and the work has to be done at the encoding stage.
  • Whether putting a coffee cup in the fridge is a sign of dementia and why police line ups don’t work.
  • How to tell if you have revised enough and the ‘norm of study’.

Types of Metacognition

  • How metacognitive knowledge separates into knowledge about person (the learner and others), strategies and goals.
  • How metacognitive regulation separates into planning, monitoring and regulation itself.
  • The links between goal orientation and our ability to self-regulate.
  • How metacognitive experience feeds into everything.
  • Hattie’s ideas of what a metacognitive intervention is.

What Metacognition Is Not

  • An extra task: metacognition is and should be intrinsic to teaching.
  • A short-term gain: these methods are life-long learning tools.


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