Caroline is an exceptionally talented trainer whose courses and coaching have helped many a teacher achieve the much sought after outstanding’ grade. She has a wide range of experience in education as a teacher, middle leader in three schools, inspector and school improvement advisor. She is still an active practitioner and teaches demonstration lessons in schools around the UK and overseas. As the best-selling author of ‘How to be an Amazing Teacher’ ‘Literacy Across the Curriculum Pocketbook’ and ‘Outstanding Lessons Pocketbook’ Caroline has helped thousands of teachers and schools make a big difference to what they do every day.

Caroline’s passion for coaching teachers to improve their practice at every stage of their career shines through in her training. She is an expert in teaching and learning with specialist expertise in English and Literacy. Caroline is your perfect training partner whether you want to improve classroom practice or advance skills and achievement in English and literacy.

An in-depth understanding of learning styles and motivation combined with expertise of how to apply this understanding leads to stunning results with pupils of all abilities. Superb strategies for helping C/D borderline students make the grade will ensure interventions are high impact, whilst terrific tools for stretching high achievers will keep gifted and talented students engaged, focussed and motivated. Her revision master-classes which can be booked for September to January, give students the intrinsic motivation and skills for masterful revision and outstanding achievement.

Bespoke Training

Caroline’s training style is warm, engaging, interactive and practical. Delivery will be designed based on your needs and objectives but can include:

  • INSET day
  • Model lessons
  • Coaching and consultancy
  • Revision masterclasses
  • Long-term consultancy (interim placements) drawing down additional support when required

Caroline can help to:

  • Identify and develop the skills needed for outstanding teaching
  • Create highly effective English interventions for students at the C/D borderline
  • Plan and deliver outstanding lessons, time after time
  • Stretch and challenge high achievers
  • Enhance lesson observation and feedback to develop outstanding practice
  • Elevate marking and feedback skills to further progress and achievement
  • Design and implement an outstanding cross-curricular literacy programme
  • Give NQT’s an outstanding start to their teaching career with a tailored programme
  • Advance the skills of middle leaders
  • Embed and improve Assessment for Learning
  • Increase achievement through revision master-classes

Topics and Themes

  • Assessment
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Engagement
  • English
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Improving engagement
  • Independent Learning
  • Leading the improvement of teaching
  • Lesson Observation and Feedback
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Literacy in the classroom
  • Marking and feedback
  • Middle Leaders
  • Motivation for learning
  • Narrowing attainment gaps
  • Outstanding Lessons
  • Outstanding Teaching
  • Planning - teaching
  • Pupil progress
  • Questioning skills
  • Raising attainment