Phil Beadle

Phil Beadle

Phil is an expert in three fields: literacy/English teaching, behaviour management and creativity. He provides hugely entertaining and challenging training, along with knowledgeable consultancy in each of these areas and is one of the most experienced and well thought of education speakers in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Speaker Topic and Themes

Literacy Across the Curriculum | How to teach Literacy | Dos and Don’ts of Positive Behaviour Management | The Complete guide to metacognition and Self-regulation

Who is Phil Beadle 
Phil is an award winning teacher, an award winning (former) broadcaster, an education consultant, teacher trainer, public speaker, author and a former broadsheet columnist. 
Phil has a long history of delivering transformational English results in schools in challenging circumstances. School and academies he has worked in have been the most improved school in the country (in the year when he worked there), had the highest CVA in London and been the most improved school/academy in their borough time and time again. He is a former winner in the United Kingdom Secondary Teacher of the Year Award in the National Teaching Awards and the winner of the London Secondary Teacher of the Year in the same year.

As a consultant, he is expert in the literacy and behaviour management, and is a vastly experienced teacher trainer, as well as being the education speaker that other speakers don’t bunk. He has written for every broadsheet newspaper in the UK (aside from the Independent), most memorably as an education columnist for the Guardian for ten years during which time he was nominated for a European Commission Award for the promotion of equality in journalism. 

He is the editor of the ‘How to Teach’ series and wrote the first book in the series, which was awarded 10/10 by the TES, along with ‘How to Teach Literacy’, ‘The Book of Plenary’, ‘Why are You Shouting at Us?: The Dos and Don’t of Behaviour Management’ (with John Murphy), ‘Bad Education’, ‘Dancing About Architecture, ‘Literacy Through Football Skills’, ‘Could do Better’ and ‘The Michael Gove Colouring-in Book’. His books have been translated into many different languages and he has worked in Australia (where he trained the New South Wales Police), Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.  
His programmes for Teachers’ TV are used in universities across the English speaking world and include three of the forty most popular programmes in the channel’s run. He has won two Royal Television Awards: the on-screen breakthrough award for ‘The Unteachables’ and the most educational impact in primetime schedule for ‘Can’t Read, Can’t Write’, and has appeared on Newsnight, the Today Programme, Woman’s Hour and Start the Week.

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