3rd Dec 2018
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Jackie Beere OBE

Jackie is a leading educational trainer and consultant, a former Headteacher, School Improvement Partner, Advanced Skills Teacher, AST Assessor and life coach. She is a leading authority on resilience, growth mindsets, personal development and is the best-selling author of the books Grow; Change Your Mindset Change Your Life, The Perfect Teacher and The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson. She was awarded the OBE for services to education in 2002 and has continued to help schools improve ever since.


Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Born into poverty, sexual abuse and neglect, Jaz believed that she was worthless. But five teachers disagreed, and together embedded an ambitious resilience that interrupted her trajectory and unchained her from a desperate cycle of disadvantage. Jaz has spent the rest of her life paying them back, qualifying as a teacher in 1994, quickly becoming a respected literacy expert, author and TV presenter and becoming one of the most talked-about educators when she ditched her planned TEDx talk on phonics on the spur of the moment to tell a stunned audience about her childhood of appalling abuse. For her, teachers are heroes who can literally save lives. They saved hers – find out how.


Claire Birkenshaw

Claire was the first Headteacher to transition from male to female whilst in post and her’s is a remarkable story of courage, struggle, identity and pride. To spend a life constantly battling with the question of who you are both physically and emotionally and then to publicly and very visibly make the changes needed to finally be true to yourself – Claire is the living embodiment of resilience. Now a vocal advocate for equality and inclusion in all schools, Claire shows what schools need to do not only to comply with the law when it comes to inclusion and equality but to be so much more human in the process.


Chris Kilkenny

Chris is a powerful advocate for children living in poverty. He provides an erudite window into the lives of children suffering and unsupported in our 21st century society. His own childhood was blighted by poverty and neglect, yet he has come through (but only just) with a story to tell and a great gift for telling it. There are thousands of children like Chris ‘hidden in plain sight’ in our classrooms. Let him take you through what you need to do to make sure they are all seen, heard, and helped.



At a time when leadership models in education seem to be based increasingly on data and targets, Dave shows that leading a school – a very successful one – takes a very different sort of approach. For Dave, a good school is an ‘upside-down’ one that starts with the people in it - where they are, where they come from, what they bring into the classroom, what they bring to each lesson. From there you build up, taking into account whatever the government’s flavour of the day is. It is this formula that has helped Dave’s school in one of England’s most deprived boroughs to be in the top 300 performing schools for the last five years running, not to mention two ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections and Dave’s recent appointment as a National Leader in Education.





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