3rd Dec 2018
Central London


The Resilience Conference

If you think of life like a see-saw – being happy and healthy on one side and the challenges life throws at you bearing down on the other – then resilience is what is needed to keep everything level. With an increasing number of children facing a whole raft of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and more, the role that a caring adult can play in helping children learn how to keep everything in balance is becoming increasingly important.

And with teachers and school leaders being the caring adults that children see every day, the more we can learn how best to help our vulnerable children and young people, the better we are at supporting them in making the most of their time at school. In this way we can help them break the cycle and set them up for a life that will be more balanced for them and their own children than their childhood has been.

To help, Independent Thinking and Teachology have created a unique oneoff conference in an exciting new format combining powerful keynotes with live one-to-one interviews from very special Associates who are the living definition of resilience – to have survived despite the challenges and adversities life threw at them.

Full of powerful insights and practical ideas to inspire you to do the very best for all your children, we guarantee you won’t have experienced a day like this and we know that your children will benefit in so many ways from the time you invest with us.


  • A must-see event of powerful keynotes and live one-to-one interviews for those working with children in challenging circumstances
  • How to tip the scales towards positive life outcomes for children, even when the odds are stacked against them
  • Understand how your relationships with your class provide the responsiveness, scaffolding, and protection that buffer students from disruption
  • How to become the foundation of their resilience
  • Unlock your power as a life line to those who need it most
  • Hear the evidence base for promoting schools as buffers against hardship, negativity, and students’ mental health issues


  • Conference: £289 (+VAT) per delegate
  • £389 + VAT (bring a friend/colleague for £100)


Monday 3rd December 2018: Central London




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Dragonfly Place

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