9th November 2020
10th November 2020


Life-Long Benefits Of Outdoor Learning

  • Aligns teaching with students’ increasing awareness of climate change and our role on earth.
  • Real-life contexts and multi-sensory activities increase long-term memory.
  • Boosts grit and resilience with the uncertainty, surprise and delight of the outdoors.
  • Engages and enthuses learners to improve engagement and attainment.
  • Facilitates creative and critical thinking around Maths.
  • Go beyond testing: good character attributes are more important than exam scores in predicting mental health and life satisfaction in later life.

National Expectations To Surpass

  • Realise the pivotal role that numeracy and outdoor learning play in the new Ofsted framework.
  • Use outdoor Maths to raise floor standards and close attainment gaps.
  • Embed outstanding Maths mastery in the great outdoors.
  • Follow health & safety guidelines and reduce wider concerns. Plan for any eventuality.

Think Outside The Box

  • Understand the entire Maths curriculum; number, money, measurement, shape, position, movement and data handling all outdoors.
  • Time efficient cross-curricular approaches to reduce the pressure to cover everything.
  • Lesson plans, whole-school tools and integration, resources, websites and assessments that work alongside Maths mastery.
  • Use Maths journals to evidence conceptual understanding gained from outdoor sessions.
  • Plant outdoor Maths in your routine.

Make Outdoor Maths Your Speciality

  • Problem solving and whole-class tasks to take outside all year round.
  • How to develop your school grounds through mathematical features.
  • Use sticks, stones and playground markings to create challenges.
  • Explore outdoor strategy games to investigate patterns.
  • Open-ended projects suitable for all ages.

Who should attend

Open to Primary SMT, EY Foundation Stage, Heads of Learning Support, Maths Coordinators, Learning Support Assistants, Key Stage 1 & 2 Teachers.


  • 1 delegate place £289*
  • Additional delegates £259*

* Plus VAT





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