9th November 2018, York
16th November 2018, Birmingham
19th November 2018, London

Masterclass Timings:
10.00am - 3.45pm


Develop and implement a highly effective whole-school approach to achieve outstanding literacy impact

"While good readers gain new skills very rapidly, and quickly move from learning to read to reading to learn, poor readers become increasingly frustrated with the act of reading, and try to avoid reading where possible." Daniel Rigney, 'The Matthew Effect'

The importance of literacy skills cannot be overstated; they are the foundation of all other learning and access to further education and employment. Discover how to be highly effective in your role as senior leader / Literacy Coordinator and deliver improved outcomes for every pupil, in school and for life.

Is it working?

If students are to be academically successful they must speak the language of academic success.

  • Identifying and monitoring and supporting struggling readers.
  • How can we assess the impact of our approach?
  • How can we ensure all teachers get behind the literacy agenda?
  • How to support staff members in developing their own literacy.

Ready for Ofsted

  • Understand the importance of literacy in the latest inspection framework
  • Know what inspectors will and will not look for

Skills focus

  • Reading: strategies to support struggling readers and building a reading culture
  • Writing: teaching methods to improve written expression
  • Vocabulary building: strategies to help students master the vocabulary of academic success
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar: techniques to raise standards
  • Speaking: strategies to improve verbal communication
  • Feedback and assessment frameworks: ensure an effective consistent approach across the school

The building blocks of outstanding cross-curriculum strategy

  • Explore 'The Matthew Effect' and the way children from disadvantaged backgrounds can be liberated by small steps
  • Understand the essential ingredients of an outstanding whole-school literacy strategy:
  • - Techniques to motivate every teacher to understand their responsibility as teachers of literacy
    - Strategies for every subject – even maths!
    - Effective interventions and intervention triggers
  • Guidance on applying the key principles to your context

Who should attend

  • Senior leaders with responsibility for teaching & learning / literacy
  • Heads of English
  • Literacy coordinators
  • Teachers of all subjects





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