10th November 2017
Central London


Jim Roberson


Jim Roberson is a man who leaves an impression. Whether he's working directly with staff or with young people who need to seriously improve their game when it comes to school, Jim's work is direct, passionate, and powerful. He combines his own experience of the importance of education (and sport) growing up in New York with his many years' experience in challenging schools across the UK. Using practical, common-sense ideas delivered in his own inimitable style, he genuinely puts the young person in control. For Jim, responsibility, accountability and preparation are critical to success along with the understanding that it's not about 'behaviour', it's about the self-discipline needed to do the right thing when it needs to be done in the way it needs to be done - and do it that way every time. In this way this self-styled 'Discipline Coach' has transformed the lives of many, many young people.

Lisa Jane Ashes


Although it was Abraham Lincoln who said that 'The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present' Lisa is happy to take that as one of hers. With an English and Literacy background stretching from Classroom Assistant to Teaching and Learning Leader, Lisa is on a mission to help schools break away from how they've traditionally arranged things and embrace a whole new way of looking at the curriculum. Lisa's work shows how truly creative schools make learning more real and relevant. In doing so, all children benefit, regardless of background and academic ability.

Jarlath O'Brien


Currently head of Carwarden House Community School in Surrey, a special school for children with learning difficulties. Jarlath has been a teacher for over 15 years and has worked in comprehensive and selective independent schools, and in special schools for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and moderate, severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. His approach is one that focuses on what the child can do, without forgetting the severe physical and emotional challenges the child may be facing on a daily basis. Passionately opposed to current 'zero tolerance' rhetoric, Jarlath argues that children who are presenting problems in the classroom are children who need listening to, not punishing until they fall silent or disappear.

Martin Illingworth


As an experienced teacher and course leader of the English PGCE and School Direct programme at Sheffield Hallam University, Martin excels in the teaching of outstanding classroom management. His humorous, no-nonsense, practical approach to teaching is winning him fans across the country, but it is when he shares his insights into the absurdities – and dangers – of government policies that he is at his most engagingly acerbic. For him, the antidote to the rubbish, though, is 'pre-teaching thinking' - getting teachers to think before they teach. He is a keen author ('Think Before You Teach' and 'There is Another Way'), researcher, and highly experienced trainer.

Louise Riley


Caroline Bentley-Davies

For Louise, when it comes to discipline, behaviour, and bringing the best out of even our most troubled young people, it all boils down to relationships. And with many years of experience on the front line in various challenging inner city schools in Manchester, Merseyside and The Potteries, who are we to argue with her? Recently 'headhunted' for a role as an improvement director for an academy trust, Louise has been a vice principal with a specific brief for inclusion, has headed up a Pupil Referral Unit, has been an Alternative Provision coordinator and is also the Chair of Governors at a special school. As part of her recent directorship, Louise focuses on supporting the academies with attendance, alternative provision and aspects of the curriculum, vulnerable groups and the impact of their 'Trust Pupil Voice' across the family. She is adamant that the 'quick fix' mentality that so many schools seem forced to go down when working with children with clear social and emotional challenges does more harm than good. It's a way of working with young people that has, in her words, 'no heart beat or pulse' and goes against the idea of seeing time spent with young people in terms of an investment. She is as passionate about inclusion as she is vastly experienced.


"Mind blowing! So many great ideas that will have an impact"
Vickie Chutter, Curriculum Reform, Little Health School

"Best course I've ever been on. Thought-provoking and inspiring."
Nyree Parker, Assistant Head, Alderwasley School Hall

"One of the best courses I've attended in my professional career"
Tom Washington, Learning Area Leader, St Teilos

"A beneficial day with excellent speakers and practical strategies to take back into school"
Lauren Hipperson, Teacher, Lightcliffe Academy

"Gave me some fantastic tools to take with me in to the classroom"
Kathryn Roberts, Teacher, Robert Smyth Academy




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