Jason is one of the UK’s leading Educational Consultants, and it’s easy to understand why. His humour, positivity and belief in young people and teachers are infectious. Combine this with his expansive understanding of what makes people tick and practical strategies based on years of experience, and what you’ve got is a teaching superstar. (Albeit a very down to earth one).

Jason is renowned as a ‘behaviour for learning trainer’. This is not just about tackling bad behaviour, but how to get great behaviour to become the norm. Great behaviour means engaged in learning, actively seeking knowledge, understanding and skills.
That’s why Jason’s training encompasses changing attitudes as well as ‘tackling’ bad behaviour.

Practical strategies and effective interventions are combined with fascinating insights into how the brain works, the motives behind good and bad behaviour, and why the strategies suggested are effective. You will also learn what common practice to avoid…and why.

Jason’s unique approach can make even the most nervous teacher feel confident in their ability to secure the behaviour they want. He is committed to supporting senior leaders to do the same, and also offers a highly effective programme for coaching and mentoring. Jason has extensive experience of teaching challenging pupils at challenging schools in challenging areas as successful classroom teacher and senior manager in Secondary education. He continues to practice what he preaches and is an active classroom practitioner. Training
experience includes HM Prisons for Juveniles, Young Offenders and adults.

“Excellent. All schools need a day with Jason.” Headteacher, NAHT Yorkshire 2012
“High standard of performance & presentation. Logical route from symptoms to causes to solutions.” “Headteacher, NAHT Yorkshire 2012
“Really useful strategies. Refreshed me and has given me more enthusiasm for my job. Thoroughly entertaining!” Delegate at Conquering Challenging Behaviour, Nottinghamshire LA

Bespoke Training

Flexible professional development
solutions for all school staff, from Teaching
Assistants to Senior Leaders.

  • INSET day
  • Conference addresses
  • Consultancy and one-to-one support
  • Coaching and consultancy

Jason can help to:

  • Design and deliver behaviour interventions
    for pupils’ unique needs
  • Understand the motives behind
    inappropriate pupil behaviour
  • Coach and mentor staff for to increase
    confidence and performance
  • Know how to secure good behaviour
  • Be clear on what you need to do to create
    positive environments for learning
  • Build a bank of strategies to tackle the
    most common types of misbehaviour
  • Tackle the problem behaviour whilst
    supporting the child for long-term
  • Engage and motivate different types of
    learners and personalities

Topics and Themes

  • Behaviour, Safety and Discipline
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Teachers
  • Engagement